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The Pocono Turfgrass Association is a long standing reflection of the quality and excellence of the golf industry in Northeast Pennsylvania. The region is home to many storied courses and resorts that have hosted national golf events as well as Presidents and celebrities. The Association, which was started around 1936, was originally called the Pocono Turf Association. Early founding member, George Patterson was active in the Association until 1950 when his nephew John Patterson, who is the namesake of the annual scholarship, carried on the legacy.

It was in the 1960’s that the word “grass” was added and the current Pocono Turfgrass Association was born. Interestingly, this name change came as the result of a trend at the time for bankers to be hesitant to loan money to anyone in horseracing, and it was assumed the “PTA” was a wagering organization. The Association has transformed over the years, just as “greenskeepers” have become “superintendents.” From George and John Patterson to Oliver Moon, Bill Lansdowne, and Harold Parr to the current Board of Directors and from handwritten notes and typewriters to the technology of today, the PTGA has served, and continues to serve, its members and advance the Turfgrass industry.

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